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Khamis, 12 Februari 2009


Kits based on common discrete ICs

ZD-02 16-LED Running Light

ZD-03 Electronic Siren

ZD-04 Electronic Door Knob Alarm

ZD-06 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply

ZD-06A Electronic Touch Switch ( ON/OFF )

ZD-07 Light Control switch

ZD-08 LDR Light / Dark Activated Relay Switch

ZD-08A Melody Door Bell ( 1 Melody )

ZD-08B Melody Door Bell ( 5 Melody )

ZD-09A 9V / 12V (1A) Power Supply (with transformer)

ZD-10 PC Parallel Port Relay

ZD-10A Rain or Water level Detector

ZD-11 1-Watt IC Mono Audio Power Amplifier with speaker

ZD-12 3-Digit Mini Up Counter ( 000~999 )

ZD-13 Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller

ZD-13A Sound Operated Switch ( ON/OFF )

ZD-14 0.5~100 Second IC Timer Kit

ZD-15 25W DC12V Mono Power Amlpifier ( IC TDA2005 x 1 )

ZD-16 Wheel Off Fortune ( 10-LED )

ZD-17 FM Wireless Microphone

ZD-20 AC/DC 5V Power Supply

ZD-20A 2-Station Intercom ( with 2 speakers )

ZD-21 AC/DC 6V Power Supply

ZD-22 AC/DC 9V Power Supply

ZD-22A Logic Probe

ZD-23 AC/DC 12V Power Supply

ZD-23A Electronic Traffic Light

ZD-24 AC/DC 15V Power Supply

ZD-24A Sound to LED Light Unit

ZD-25 Digital Code Lock ( with key pad ) * 720 possible secret code

ZD-28 Car Security Alarm

ZD-29 DC 0~24V Adjustable Power Supply ( limit 0.6A Max 1.5A )

ZD-30 DC Motor Control Forward Reverse and Stop

ZD-30A Knight Rider ( 10-LED )

ZD-31 DC 12V 50W x 2 BTL Stereo Power Amplifier

ZD-32 DC Light Dimmer / Motor Speed Controller ( PWM circuit )

ZD-33 Telephone ON-Hold Music

ZD-36 Infra-Red Remote Control ( ON/OFF/Momentary )

ZD-37 10-LED (dot/bar) Mono Audio VU Meter

ZD-38 50-Watt IC Integrated Power Amplifier ( IC TDA2005 x 2 )

ZD-40 4-LED Electronic Flasher (Flip-Flop)

ZD-41 5-LED Mono Audio VU Meter

ZD-42 Electronic Police Siren

ZD-43 10-LED (bar) Mono Audio VU Meter

ZD-44 DC 1.2V ~ 24V 1A Regulated Power Supply

ZD-45 Electronic LED Sweetheart Display

ZD-47 200W Stereo Power Amplifier

ZD-48 DC 12V Stereo Active Tone Control *Vol, Bal, Tre & Bas

ZD-50 E-Z Running Lihgt

ZD-51 Infra-Red Receiver / Detector (Relay output)

ZD-52 Battery Voltage Indicator ( 9V~15VDC )

ZD-53 3-Digit Up Big Counter ( Counts From 000~999 )

ZD-54 4-Digit Up Big Counter ( Counts From 0000~9999 )

ZD-55 Infra-Red Remote Receiver ( Time Adjustable )

ZD-56 Electronic Windmill 31-LED

ZD-57 Night Rider-I ( 8 LED )

ZD-59 Lie Detector ( With LED Indicator )

ZD-61 Infra-Red Transmitter

ZD-64 12V 100W Stereo Power Amp *IC TDA2005 x 2

ZD-65 20W Stereo Integrated Amplifier *IC BA5406 x 1

ZD-66 British Police Siren (UK) *With Speaker

ZD-67 American Police Siren (USA) *With Speaker

ZD-68 Super Active Stereo Tone Control (Vol, Bal, Tre, Mid, & Bas)

ZD-69 House Burglar Alarm MK-2

ZD-70 60W IC Stereo Power Amplifier *IC TDA 1512

ZD-71 Temperature Controlled Auto Fan *With DC12V Mini Fan

ZD-72 Window/Door Infra-Red Sensor (Buzzer Output)

ZD-73 Window/Door Infra-Red Sensor (Relay Output)

ZD-77 Audio Signal Injector

ZD-79 Power Supply ( 2 Amp ) ( 0~30V)

ZD-80 Mini Drill or Motor Speed Controller (Input: AC 12V)

ZD-81 Infra-Red Detector (Remote Control Tester)

ZD-90 FM Radio With Speaker *Using IC TDA7000 and LM386

ZD-100 Musix Box

ZD-101 Dark On Relay

ZD-106 Cordless Audio Level Meter

ZD-107 Sign Board Running Light (12-LED)

ZD-113 7-Step LED Display Unit

ZD-116 24V/1A Regulated Power Supply Module

ZD-117 9V/1A Regulated Power Supply Module

ZD-118 12V/1A Regulated Power Supply Module

ZD-119 5V/1A Regulated Power Supply Module

ZD-120 6V/1A Regulated Power Supply Module

ZD-123 Water Detector With Relay

ZD-125 Forward Reverse DC Motor Auto-Cut-Off

ZD-138 Speaker Protector (Stereo)

ZD-140 Microphone Pre-Amplifier

ZD-142 20 Watt Bus Amplifier

ZD-146 Heat or Temperature Switch (Relay Output)

ZD-147 Heat or Temperature Switch (Buzzer Output)

ZD-148 Single Digit Up Counter

ZD-160 Telephone Recording Module

ZD-170 Servo Motor Controller

ZD-201 2-LED Flasher (With speed controller)

ZD-202 Quiz Timer (4-player)

ZD-205 4 LED Light Flasher

ZD-206 10 LED Running Light

ZD-207 Electronic Traffic Light

ZD-208 Infra-Red (IR) Extender / Repeater

ZD-209 Parking Lights (With Ignition Key Sensor)

ZD-212 4-Channel LED Driver

ZD-213 Single Relay Card (1~10V Positive Trigger)

ZD-214 Delay Turn-Off Switch

ZD-215 Universal On/Off Timer (Time Adjustable)

ZD-216 IR Light Barrier Transmitter

ZD-224 LED Sleep Lights (LED Turns ON At Night)

ZD-227 Lucky Number

ZD-231 HI-LOW Water Sensor-I (Buzzer Output)

ZD-232 HI-LOW Water Sensor-II (1-Relay utput)

ZD-242 Digipad (2-Digit Clock+Reset)

ZD-249 Duplex System Intercom

ZD-301 Camper's Night Light (Auto Off)

ZD-416 HI-LOW Water Detector (2-Relay Output)

Kit based on micro-controlled or special function ICs

ZD-P01 ZD PIC Programmer

ZD-01 Kitts. Crossing Sensor

ZD PJT-11 Temperature Control System With LCD

ZD PJT-12 Real Time Clock With LCD

ZD PJT-16 Sending Data Using RF Module

ZD-143 Parking Warning System

ZD-00 LED Flasher

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